Friday, February 25, 2011

Lawyers and Toddlers and Baby Showers, Oh My!

I just got back home from a great trip "back home" with my sis. (Thank you so much for asking about my disappearance, Tracy- everything has been going great, for reals. :) )  I had started this post while I was there, but I really was so exhausted from all the running around I had to do (I was there to take care of family business, primarily for my 92 year old grandmother...thus the lawyer) that I simply ran out of time.

I had a great time and got to stay with Ronda and her wonderful family.  I have a guest blog of hers to post later this weekend, actually, so you can catch up on her shenanigans, too. She has three adorable kiddos (and it's so weird to see them so big- I remember holding her oldest as an infant at Olive Garden where she decided to have a diaper explosion on me....ahhh....good times.  I'm so going to torment her when she's older with that story.  Over and over and over again.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.)

Ronda is actually testing a pattern for me, which is awesome.  We stayed up every night until 2am catching up and crocheting (more her than me, actually- I was having some digestion issues.  Got a little carried away with the green chile.  If you are from NM, you understand.  If not...I feel sorry for you.) 

The highlight of my visit came on Sunday- my sister, mother, and aunt threw me a surprise baby shower! Ronda was in on it, too and I'm so proud of her (and yet a little irked) for not giving it away.  I was so very touched by my aunts and cousins that showed. (I have about a million of them, so there really was a great turnout). Some of which I hadn't seen in 15 years- seriously, it was an amazing day and I'm still smiling thinking about it. :)

Saturday I was able to do something that could have gone very wrong but didn't so I can still brag about how awesome I am.  I attended a 6 year old's birthday party with Ronda's family at the local roller rink.  Yes, my friends.  I got my ever expanding 5 month pregnant booty on a pair of roller skates and totally held my own with all those young whipper snappers.  As I whipped around that arena, envisioning myself going all roller derby on those whiny little babies as I ruled the rink, I couldn't help thinking to myself, "You are still young, fit, and totally amazing.  Gege, you've still got it.  You are my hero."  The adrenaline rush of reliving my childhood and the pride of not falling and causing a catastrophic event delayed the eventual truth of the situation. Man, I was so freaking sore the next day- my hips hurt, my back hurt, my thighs hurt, and eventually my pride hurt as I thought, "What the heck were you thinking, you moron!" as I popped yet another Extra Strength Tylenol.

It was a great week, but I did miss my Mister and it's always nice to sleep in your own bed. Even though I was picturing a much more romantic return with lots of snuggling at night, I unfortunately caught a really wicked cold out there and am pretty darn miserable right is my Mister who has to endure my mouth breathing and a bed filled with snotty tissues. As well as a pregnancy induced emotional breakdown over a stretch mark that may or may not have formed tonight. He knew I wasn't the most rational person when he married me, so he handled this meltdown like a pro.  I, on the other hand, did not. I'm still slipping and sliding on my bed from bathing in all that Palmer's Cocoa Butter. 

Ok. Time to drift off into dreamland where my delusions of grandeur are completely devoid of tantrum inducing stretchmarks and are instead filled with roller derby awesomeness.  And Nyquil.  Alcohol filled nectar of the gods Nyquil.  Oh how I miss thee.

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