Monday, August 16, 2010

Film Festival Tonight!!

Hey guys- in my excitement over my trip this weekend (finally back late last night- recap and lots of woolly goodness coming soon), I forgot all about the World Music and Independent Film Festival this week in DC. My movie, Lilly’s Thorn, is showing tonight at 9pm. So excited!! It’ll be the first time for my Mister and my sister to see me on the big screen. (Second time for me- I attended the New Hope Film Festival a little bit ago- sooo cool to see my name up there!)

Anywho- check out the website- you can vote for your favorite trailer. Also, if you check here, you can see videos of the various nominees- including little ol’ me- I’m nominated for Best Actress!! WOOT!!

See y'all there!!


  1. Thanks!! I'm going to the Award Ceremony on Saturday- soo nervous! But, totally looking forward to it. :)