Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

Hello to all the peoples in the world(s). Wow. What an insane few months this has been. Heck, what an insane week it has been! I live outside of the DC metro area so I've been basically snowed in since the weekend. Sure, there's a butt load of snow out there now (we got 30 inches on Saturday) and even more coming tonight/tomorrow (another foot in the forecast), but I can't complain. It sure makes for great crafting time!

I know that I've been MIA lately. I'd love to say that I had a fabulous Christmas and New Years and that everything has just been feasting and fun. Unfortunately, that was not the case for me. Unfortunately, we had a loss in our family, so 2009 ended with a lot of dread for the inevitable and 2010 began with the fulfillment of that dread. It's been a really tough few months.

I think one of the ways I coped in these last few months was by letting my creative juices flow. And, man!
I have been busy! I have 4 new bags (all new designs) to line. One is my Traveling Turtle Bag.

For the picture, I just pinned on the straps, stuffed it full of yarn to give it some heft, and pinned it close. That's my sis modeling it- she got stuck by the pins- hee! I have a fabulous fabric with which to line it and I'm adding a zipper. I had a few motifs left over from this bag (it was going to be ginormous!) so I made a Turtle Handbag, as well (one of the 4 awaiting to be lined). As soon as I type up this pattern, I'll be offering it on Etsy.

Another bag I've designed is the Not Quite Mitered bag. I have the fabric for this one, but can't locate the perfect handles.....soon, my pretty.....soon. This one was actually done with tunisian crochet. People have asked how I come up with designs- I'll be blogging about that soon with this project as the example. I LOVE this bag.

Another bag is called Purple Haze- it's a great travel bag and is rather large. I actually just felted it today, so I'll have pics of that beauty very soon.

In addition to the bags, I've been working on some hats. I made another cat-eared hat.

This one is called Holy Eartha Kitt Batman! I'll be writing this one up, too.

Next, I have a Pixie hat that I had mentioned a few months ago. I got this beautiful purple yarn as a mill end at AC Moore. I have no idea what it is, but I have 4 pounds of it. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I made it into a scarf from my Pinky LaRue pattern- it was awesome! …..Until I tried it on. It must have wool from a porcupine in it. The most uncomfortable scarf IN THE WORLD! However, when I made it into this hat, it was bearable. I wanted a pixie hat with a scarf/tie on it, but that will be the next one I make with a more comfortable yarn. I really did love how this pattern came out, though.

Now to make a Purple Porcupine purse…….hmmm…..

This one is the Not Quite Mitered Hat. I wore it to AC Moore and a lady would not stop staring at my head. She asked if it was handmade and if so, if someone made it for me.....harumph! She knits and crochets but couldn't figure out how I did it. It was quite creepy, really. Yet, strangely a nice ego boost at the same time....ha!

I made a peppermint hat, too, and will have the pattern's minty goodness up soon.

Also, I'm working on a SMB themed hat, as well. Very fun!! In addition to these projects, I've made my Pinky LaRue scarf 4 more times- one for my sis (she felted the nice pink one I made earlier), one for my friend, one for my mom, and one for me. YAYAYAY!

SO, as you can see, I've been a busy little bee. One of my New Years resolutions has been to actually write down my patterns. I love creating all these loverlies, but it's a pain in the butt to write and test the patterns!! But, Ima gonna do it!!

Ok, that's enough updating for now. Even though 2009 ended quite suckily and 2010 didn't get off to the greatest start for me, I'm a natural optimist, so, here's to an amazing new year and new decade!!

Peace out homies.


  1. great work! Love the ideas you are coming out with!

  2. I really like all of your new FO.

    But, especially your turtle bag, and mitered hat, they are very unique.


  3. Thank you both! I'm working on the Turtle Bag pattern right now (almost done with the Watermelon Tote) and then I'll be working on the Not Quite Mitered Hat. I have a lot of finishing work to do on my bags- so much to do, so little time!

    Thanks again. :)

  4. Do you have the pattern for the Turtle Bag yet? I would love to make it!