Friday, February 26, 2010

A Cabernet Sort of Day

So today was a Cabernet sort of day.  I've got a cold. Or, perhaps I'm suffering from allergies...I don't really know what the differences are between the two.  All I know is that I've been sniffling for the past couple days and not hacking up a lung, so I guess I'm quasi allergic to snot. Well, I decided to be a trooper and go to work instead of calling in sick and petting my yarn stash. (I really do need to take a picture (or 5) of my stash(es) that are strewn across my ever so tidy house.'s very tidy....keep believing that....)

Anyway, I was rewarded for my good work ethic (or my morbid desire to spread germs far and wide- if I've got to suffer, then EVERYONE has got to suffer!!!  muahahahahahahaha!!!!), by having one of the craziest days I've ever had at this particular job.  It was nuts.  I really wanted to come home at a decent hour and change into my heels and pearls and make a very tasty dinner for my beloved hubby who would then reward me with lots of loving hugs (but not kisses since I'm sick and he's a freak germ-a-phobe) and praise for being the bestest wife in the whole world.  Instead, I left work 2 hours late and was starving and had no desire to delay my rabid devouring of anything eatable by even a minute- especially if that minute included slaving in front of a stove just to be air-kissed by my favorite person in the world.  Just a little FYI- I go through a Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde transformation if it’s late in the afternoon or early evening and I’m hungry. Seriously- it’s kinda scary. Throw in "tired" along with "hungry" and you had better head for the hills with your garlic and crosses.

ANYWAY, my hubby knows this.  He's lived with me long enough to know that when I vent at 300 wpm with a few "GAH!" and "ARGH!!!" thrown in the mix, then it's his turn to be the loving spouse and basically give me whatever it is I want.  He's a very smart cookie, that hubby of mine.  Or, at least he has a very strong will to live.  One of the two.

So,  I got to have a very simple, yet tasty and European, dinner of Baguette and Brie with some shrimp and cocktail sauce on the side, as well as a healthy dose of Cabernet Sauvignon and I'm finally feeling.......pretty darned good, actually.....teehee!

In addition to my no-cook dinner, my hubby has placated me by finishing one of my videos. YAY!  So, it is now "publishing" and will hopefully be youtube ready later tonight.  So, Cool Him (and Scared for His Life Him) ended up pulling through for me and, subsequently, for all of you.  He truly is a smart cookie.  (And he has a cute butt.) I knew I married him for a reason.

Hey garcon!  More vino for table 1!

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