Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Alone With Watermelons and Pixels

Yayayay! I had the day off yesterday which was AWESOME. It was awesome, my friends, because I was home....ALONE! Woot! No cabin feverish hubby or chattering sis to interrupt me. Oh, don't get me wrong- I love them both to bits, but sometimes you just gotta have alone time where you don't have to worry 'bout nothin' and nobody. Just hang out with yourself. I missed me. I'm pretty cool.

So, how did I utilize my precious day alone? I spent a full day in Crochet Nirvana and was able to cross some items off of my New Year's Resolution list. Or, at least my imaginary list- the list I would have made had I really made New Year's Resolutions. The list Cool Me probably made. Dang- I wish I was more like her.

Get this........I know many folks have been waiting for I won't delay this announcement any's really awesome...........are you sitting down??  I wrote up my Winter Watermelon Hat pattern! GAH!! FINALLY. So now you don't have to keep asking/inquiring/pestering/demanding for the pattern!! It's here!

watermelon hat collection

This is the 3rd time I've made it. The first pink one is my sister’s, but it wasn’t quite long enough and felt just a mite loose. The second one is mine, but it felt a little imbalanced and was too tight in the crown. What these hat qualities may say about their respective owners is purely conjecture.

Watermelon hat vs.2
In addition to the hat, I recorded not one, but TWO video tutorials! The first goes along with the hat pattern. In one amazing video, you will learn how to do a Magic Loop, how to fl/bl crochet in the round with increases AND decreases, how to switch colors in the round, AND how to do beaded crochet IN.THE.ROUND. (which is actually different than the beaded crochet for the matching scarf). All this for the low introductory price of $19.99! What?!? That's an amazing offer! But, if you call now, Cool Me will let you have it for absolutely FREE. (Dang, Cool Me has no business sense.)

The second video is....drum roll please.....How to Change Colors with Tunisian Crochet. WHAT?!?! Oh yeah baby! Cool Me has got your back. I've been bombarded with requests for information on this topic. I had recorded a video eons ago but had to reshoot a portion of it, so Procrastinator Me (not too fond of her) left it on the pile of WIPs and never finished it. So, Cool Me had to come and take over- I reshot the entire video yesterday. You'll learn not only how to do color changes correctly, but you'll also see THE Map of my Super Mario Blanket, as well as 2 pictures with sketches that I used for 2 panels. What the what?!? Yep. Cool Me is letting you catch a glimpse of my creative process. I love that girl.

The videos will be up in the next day or two- my hubby will be editing them so, hopefully the Cool Him will hurry the heck up.

Now, for the pattern!
Video Tutorial found here.

Winter Watermelon Hat Pattern
By: Gege Crochet

  • Green WW yarn- not a whole lot- maybe an ounce
  • White WW yarn- ditto
  • Red or pink WW yarn- a little bit more...maybe 2 ounces
  • Size 5.5 mm (U.S. I/10) crochet hook
  • Yarn or tapestry needle for beading yarn and finishing
  • 24 black pony beads

Not important

  • Chain 2 counts as half double crochet.
  • To change colors, work hdc until 3 loops are on hook, yo with new color and draw through all three loops
  • repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed

  • ch = chain
  • bl = back loop
  • fl = front loop
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • hdc dec = half double crochet decrease ([Yo, insert hook in next st, yo, draw lp through] twice, yo, draw through all 5 lps on hook.)
  • blhdc = back loop half double crochet
  • flhdc = front loop half double crochet
  • B-blhdc = beaded back loop half double crochet (yo, slide bead, insert into st indicated, finish hdc)
  • B-flhdc = beaded front loop half double crochet
  • ss = slip stitch
  • yo = yarn over

Ch4, join with ss.

Round 1: Ch2. 11hdc in ring

Round 2:
Ch2 (counts as first hdc) blhdc same st.
(Flhdc, blhdc) in each stitch around. Join in bl of ch2. 24 hdc including initial ch2

Round 3: ch 2. Flhdc same st
*Blhdc next st. (Flhdc, blhdc) next st. Flhdc next st. (Blhdc, flhdc) next st. Repeat from * 5 times omitting last (blhdc, flhdc) join w/ss in bl of ch 2 36 hdc

Row 4: Ch 2. Flhdc same st. *Blhdc, flhdc next 2 st, (blhdc, flhdc) next st. Repeat from * 11 times omitting last (blhdc, flhdc). Join w/ss in bl of ch2. 48 hdc

Round 5: ch 2. Flhdc same st. * Blhdc, flhdc, blhdc next 3 st. (flhdc, blhdc) next st. Flhdc, blhdc, flhdc next 3 st. (blhdc, flhdc) next st. Repeat from * 5 more times omitting last (blhdc, flhdc). Join w/ss to bl of ch 2. 60 hdc

Round 6: Ch 2. Flhdc same st. * Alternate Blhdc, flhdc next 4 st. (blhdc, flhdc) next st. Repeat from * 11 more times omitting last (blhdc, flhdc). Join w/ss to fl of ch2. 72hdc.

Round 7: ch 2. Blhdc next st then alternate flhdc, bldhdc around ending with blhdc in last st. Join w/ss in bl of ch2

Round 8: Ch2 flhdc next st then alternate blhdc, flhdc around ending with flhdc in last st.

Finish off green and change to white. Join w/ss in fl of ch 2.

Round 9: repeat round 7

Round 10: repeat round 8. Load 24 beads onto pink. Finish off white and change to pink. Join w/ss to fl of ch2.

Round 11: repeat round 7.

Round 12: ch 2. Flhdc, blhdc, flhdc next 3 st. *B-blhdc next st. Alternate flhdc, blhdc next 11 st. Repeat from * 4 more times. B-blhdc next st. Alternate Flhdc, blhdc, next 7 st ending with flhdc. Join w/ss in fl in ch2.

Round 13: repeat round 7

Round 14: ch 2. (Flhdc, blhdc) 4 tines, *B-flhdc next st, alternate blhdc, flhdc next 11 st. Repeat from * 4 times.
B-flhdc, blhdc, flhdc next 3 st. Join w/ss fl of ch 3.

Round 15: ch2 blhdc, flhdc, blhdc next 3 st. * hdc decrease in next 2 fl and bl. Alternate flhdc and blhdc next 4 st.
Repeat from * around. Join w/ss in bl of ch2. 60 hdc

Round 16: ch2 flhdc next st. *B-blhdc next st. Alternate flhdc, blhdc next 9 st. Repeat from * around. Join w/ss in fl of ch2

Round 17: repeat round 7

Round 18: ch 2. Alternate flhdc, blhdc over next 5 st. *B-blhdc next st. Alternate flhdc, blhdc over next 9 st. Repeat from * 4 times B-blhdc, flhdc, blhdc, flhdc. Join w/ss in fl on ch2.

Round 19: repeat round 7. Join w/ss to ch 2. Fasten off pink and weave in ends.

Watermelon hat vs.2

Copyright 2010 Geraldine Lemay of Gege Crochet. All rights reserved. Pattern available for personal use only- please don't sell it- that's just not cool. Please don't post this pattern anywhere- you can provide a link back to here, though.


  1. Congrats on your Crochet Day! Looks like to me that you were very productive. Love your infomercial. This is a super cool hat. Thanks for sharing the pattern. :-)

  2. I'd like to thank Funny you and Awesomely Cool you for this blog post!!! Not only did this provide me with some laughs it also gave me a wonderful watermelon pattern to crochet... I'm totally in love with fruit patterns so thank you much :)

  3. I'm very happy you had a WHOLE(smiling) day to crochet! It's sooooo therapeutic doing projects and not having ANY distractions.

    I'm hoping for this coming summer to do projects for my daughters for the coming winter.

    I'd always wondered what this hat looked like on, and I absolutely LOVE it on you! This I think will go on my summer project list for them, this will make a GREAT set, along with the scarf. Thanks so much for sharing! It's very appreciated!


  4. Thank you SO much for posting this for us! You do really good work and are REALLY a very cool person!! To write out this pattern for others to use!

  5. I know what you mean about having time alone!! I was forced to medically retire several years ago and my crafts is what keep me sane, but we have two young grandsons that "hubby" volunteered to babysit; at our house......soooo, crafts are not usually done during the day time! I absolutely LOVE the grandsons AND my hubby, however, sometimes it would be really really nice to have my retirement days to myself to do MY sanity keepers!!!! I know the kids won't be small for ever, but the way my body is going, by that time, I won't be able to do any crafts by then!!!! I think in a few years when the older one goes off to school, then hubby will be going over to their house to watch them and then I will have the house to myself during the day time, but for just isn't happening!

  6. Thanks for all your comments! If you do make this hat, please send me some pics- I'd love to see how it looks with your individual spins on it. :)

    Karen- I'm glad I'm not the only one who- even though I love my fam BIG time- still needs some quality time with me, myself, and I. :)

  7. Hi I’m having trouble with hat pattern can you please help. I’m having trouble
    doing video and understand the pattern. Ok on video after you slip-stitch to back loop of chain then you chain 2. I can‘t see if you are putting the Flhdc in the same stitch by grabbing the front loop or in the next stitch front loop? Also I can’t see were you are doing the Decrease? The Scarf went great had no problem making it but would love to make Hat to match.
    Thanks Hugs Joan,

  8. Is your felted watermelon tote pattern still available?