Friday, May 8, 2009

Cackling with excitement

I've been working on a few purses and will finish lining 4 of them today and tomorrow. I'm soooo excited! A friend of mine from church ordered a Mom Bag- this is the third one I've made. The first one was for my mom, the second was for sale, but I ended up gifting it to my hubby's aunt who is retired in Spain- she LOVED it. So, this one was made on commission for my friend- it's been a huge hit with her circle of friends! Because of this, she's invited me to attend a vendor party tomorrow evening. I'll be showcasing my purses and scarves and am super excited!

Another friend from my church is involved with the Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Foundation, which holds an annual auction to benefit the society. My friend asked if I would like to donate a purse for the cause and I was more than happy to. She said that everyone oohed and ahhed over my bag and a few people asked if I do work on commission. I know my cards were handed out, so here's hoping something good will come out of it. :)

Ok, my pursing break is post will contain tons of pics from the bags I've been working on- one of which is my sister's b-day present. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

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