Thursday, May 21, 2009

3rd Time's the Charm- Etsy Treasury

This is great- a third Etsy Treasury. :) This time for my Watermelon bag.

I was listed by Sandy from Cape Cod Consignments- a fellow crocheter with lovely children items. Check her out at: Looking through her items, I must admit to having crochet envy.

Thank you Sandy!

(BTW- that was the first time I've done a screen cap using a Mac. Yay me! I never knew it was possible since there is no "Print Screen" button. For those of you fellow PC'ers who may want to know this sometime in the future, all you have to do is hold down the Apple key + shift + 3 to get a screen cap of the screen. If you want to get a cap of just a portion of the screen, hold down Apple + shift + 4 and your mouse will become a selector. Select what you want to capture and it will be saved on your desktop. This concludes the Geek Squad portion of GegeCrochet.)

This watermelon bag of mine has been getting lots-o-love. What has surprised me is that it's gotten more views and interest than the Marilyn bag. I am starting a new Watermelon Bag today and will be writing up the pattern- very excited about it! A friend of mine has commissioned one with a zipper, so that will be a new design feature- woot!

I'll be taking it with me to work on during our Anniversary trip beginning tomorrow. I didn't get to finish my travel bag- bummer! However, my sister-in-law is getting married in June, so, as God as my witness, I will never be hungry again! Err...I mean, I WILL have it finished by then. to my wool stash....I need to write a poem about it or something. I love my yarn- especially the wool. I need to take a picture of it to share the love. When I find a sale, I'm pretty darn ravenous. I think I'll change my name to Woolly Bully because I'll kick you in the teeth to get the wool before you do.

HAHA! Boy do I make myself laugh. :)

Woolly bully....woolly bully....woolly bully...woolly bully....woolly bully. Yeah- Watch it now- here it comes!


  1. Marvelous Gege.
    If you want to click and download the screenshot I did, feel free at any time. But of course doing it on a Mac is super clever.

  2. wow , this is super! Thanks Gege for posting the screenshot on your looks great! and thanks for the link to my shop...funny I was envying your watermelon is gorgeous!
    thanks again

  3. Thanks Linda- If there's another one in the future, I may take you up on that. :) You are welcome Sandy- love your work. :)