Friday, June 5, 2009

Crazy couple of weeks

Well, good things happened: my hubby and I had a blast on our anniversary trip- it sure was nice to get away for a few days. But, the day we got back we had a family medical emergency, so for those of you waiting for my Felted Watermelon Bag pattern, I'm sorry for the delay. Things are settling back down now, which is good. Also since we've returned, I filmed another commercial, which was fun. I also started a new job, which is good, too. I'm back in the Nutrition business- I guess all those years slaving away at my degrees should be put to good use. I think I'm too ADHD to have just one job, though. Nah...I'm not too ADHD, I focus just- what is this crap on my shirt??

If you've read my profile "about me" info, you've seen that I tend to like to do a lot of stuff. You know what I'd LOVE to do??? Have my own Martha Stewart type show. I could combine the Nutrition, the training/teaching, the cooking, the crafting/crochet, AND the entertainment sides of me. It'd be PERFECT! I'd be the younger, nicer Martha Stewart- without the jail time! Sweet- get ABC on the line, stat!

Just a short check-in....I have to finish- seriously, what is this crap??

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