Thursday, December 11, 2008

Joss Whedon can crochet! Shiny.

Who knew? Joss Whedon can both knit and crochet. It's true! Kim Werker, creator of and current editor of Interweave Crochet, had called for an all hookers (i.e. crocheters for you non-hookers) task force to track down Joss Whedon in an effort to interview him. Why? Because he mentioned that he was bummed his Dr. Horrible show didn't get a writeup in Crochet Monthly, of course.

The result? An interesting, educational, and entertaining interview about crocheting, craftiness, art, and internet. A really good interview, actually. You can hear it here.

I've not been a huge fangirl of Joss. Started watching Buffy when it first came out, but then had too much school and work to really get into it. However, I LOVED Firefly and I literally bawled like a baby through the credits of Serenity. If you haven't watched this wonderful movie, then there must be something seriously wrong with you. Netflix or buy it- it's really good. Have some tissues nearby. You'll thank me later.

I actually got to meet Joss- twice. Once at a Screenwriter's expo in LA and again in NY at a charity event for Equality Now- an organization with which he is very involved. Very cool guy- talented as heck, and exceptionally funny.

Hey Joss- if you ever decide to do a show about a crocheting crime fighter who always hooks her guy (groan), then call me! You still have my number, right? I mean, I haven't heard from you since...well, ever, really, so a girl starts to wonder....


  1. woot! i've been waiting for that interview since kim werker posted about the idea. now to go read it!