Sunday, August 2, 2015

All of the Feels

Feelings…..nothing more than feeeeeeelings……….feeelings of……. O.M.G!

One of the reasons I’ve been so silent here as of late is because life has been a huge roller coaster for me and my family for a long while. However, instead of having the uphill reprieves of a normal roller coaster, there were so many more scary, downhill, “OMG-I’M-GOING-TO-DIE!” moments in our lives.

I truly do try to find the funny in the not-so-funny parts of life. I think I have a good sense of humor and, truth be told, use humor as an escape from the not so humorous parts of life. As far as escapes go, using humor seems to be one of the healthier ways about it, don’t ya think? Of course you do. You’re not a heartless sociopath, right? Because, if you are, ummmm……………heeeeey there, you……..amazing person, you. *Don’tkillmeplease*  


I figure there’s a difference between being depressed and being depressing, ya know?

Well, things here have been rather depressing for us, to be honest. And, even though I’ve truly been craving social interactions with others to help keep my mind off of all the craziness that’s surrounded us, I have not been able to find words to convey the ugly without bringing the ugly to everyone else.

So. I have been trying really hard to focus on all of the good that’s been happening, in spite of all the bad. I am a natural optimist, after all, so putting on rose colored glasses usually isn’t that difficult for me.

Today is a case in point.

Today happens to be the 3rd anniversary of my dad’s death. (OH NO! Please stop crying!! It gets better- I promise!)

Today also happens to be the mrfmrfmrf anniversary of my birth. It’s something I’ve really not had any reason in which to find joy the past 3 years. (Dude. Please ignore the hundreds of tiny violins you hear right now. Unless they’re playing your favorite song, of course. In that case, enjoy the music in your head, you crazy person, you.)

I’ve been hiding my birthday from all of my online interactions for years. Paranoia runs deep in my family, young padawan. Don’t judge me. I’ll cut you.

I’ve mentioned my birthday was in August many times on this blog, but have not actually put my actual birth day because………stalkers. And Big Brother. DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!

But, this time, I decided to actually unmask my birthday from my FB friends because, well…..truth be told, I needed the love. I needed to know that folks knew who I was and actually cared about me and that today was special enough for them to connect with me…..even though I was too engulfed in my stress, anxiety, and fears to connect with them.

OH COME ON! Don’t pretend you don’t also love the attention you get on FB on your birthday! YOU TOTALLY DO!!!!

Well, not only was today filled with amazing love and gifts from My Mister and kids, I was also rewarded with lots of birthday wishes from friends and family that I haven’t heard from in a long time on FB, AND (!!!) I was also rewarded with an amazing birthday gift from an interaction on Twitter, as well.

You see, I was already feeling bummed since today reminds me how freaking old I truly am. And then, to pour salt in my aging wounds, as I was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my kids, huge waves of nostalgia washed over me, once again reinforcing just how old I am.

If you don’t already know, the voices of Daisy Duck and Toodles also happen to be the very talented voice actors of just about every cartoon that makes up your and my childhood. For instance, they voiced Dot and Yakko Warner on Animaniacs, respectively. If you do not know what Animaniacs is, then…………OH DEAR GOD I’M OLD!

So, I happened to send out a tweet that said, “Hearing @yakkopinky and Tress MacNeille work together on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just makes me miss Animaniacs. And then I feel old.”

Little did I know that Rob Paulsen, the voice of Yakko himself, also happens to be an all-around cool guy who just so happened to respond to me. Then I responded to him. And he responded to me………..again and again.

I’m not going to lie. IT WAS AWESOME.

It finally culminated in me tweeting, “(FYI: today’s my b-day….chatting with you has made it very memorable, to say the least."

And then……… guys!!!!!

He tweeted back this:


I KNOW, RIGHT?????!!!!??????

So, even though my birthday has sucked for a few years, this year, thanks to an amazing husband who knows just the right gifts to get me, a neurotic need for online relationships and appreciation, an aging sense of nostalgia, and an amazing person who also happens to be one of the most talented voice actors to ever grace our TV screens, today was a great day.

I’m feeling all of the feels, all of the love, and all of the pains associated with aging. Because, OhMylanta, people. I’m old.

And yet I’m also really happy.

Big hugs to all. Even the crazy ones.

( other news..........we're moving. AGAIN. In 2 weeks. But where? DUN DA DUNNNNN....... You'll just have to play, "Where in the World is Gege Sandiego" to know for sure! Because I'm old.)

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