Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Need a Vacation....From My Vacation

Ok- I'm finally back and able to spend a little time on this here bloggy-thingy.  I had a few comments that were waiting for moderation (Thanks Lila, Tami, and Anons!) and I haven't been able to log in for a couple weeks. (BTW- I started moderating comments because I kept getting ones hawking Viagra, which weren't too bad- they actually would comment on the actual project, whether the Mario Blanket or Marilyn Bag, so I didn't mind. However, when I got the comment that offered to increase my penis size, I thought it would be a good time to stop the spam.  Insinuating my penis is small is quite emasculating and will not be tolerated.  However, I don't edit or stop any other comment.  They all get posted and, hopefully, replied to.  I'm getting better at that!)

The reason for my blog abstinence is a wonderful one, actually.  I was on vacation with My Mister.  A REAL vacation- not one to visit family that is filled with obligations, but one where we got to spend time together, alone, and got to do whatever the heck we wanted to do.  It was glorious.

We were in Orlando for the wedding of one of my childhood friends (the wedding for which I needed to finish the Flower Bag) and then enjoyed a Disney Cruise package- 4 days Disney World, 3 days cruise to the Bahamas and Disney's Castaway Cay.  We've been planning this for quite a while- ever since we got the Save-the-Date from my friend- and it really couldn't come at a better time.  The only thing stressing me out was that I really wanted to finish my flower bag before the trip- it's quite happy and tropical and fun and I wanted to proudly carry it around with me on my vacation.

I was working frantically on it the day before we left and was able to throw it in the washer twice.  It felted really well, but I knew it had to go through a third time....I just didn't have the time!  So, I packed it in my suitcase with the intent to finish it on our trip.  I was a little concerned that it was a little damp and was laying on my clothes, but then I thought, "Meh.  A little mold never hurt anybody."  What can I say?  I'm a little obsessive sometimes.  I am happy to report that the Color Catcher things do work! I just wish I had taken them with me so that I could have used them in the final the hotel laundry room.

Yes, I did obsessively finish my felting in the hotel laundry the night we got to Orlando- at midnight.  Yes, My Mister knew about my plan (I only reminded him a few times while en route).  I'm telling you- he's the best husband in the world.  Either that or the worst (best?) enabler, but we won't clue him in on that now, will we?

After washing it and putting it through the dryer (couldn't let it "air" dry in that thick, water laden sludge they call "air" down there...worst.humidity.ever.), I had to stretch it a bit (first bag I've had to shape after felting!) The next day (the day of the wedding) I started needle felting the borders around the flowers.  Then my needles broke. So, after the wedding and before the reception, I googled the nearest JoAnns and My Mister lovingly enabled drove me 30 minutes so I could buy a refill.  So, I started needle felting in the car again.  Then one broke again. (I blame it on a defective needle and not the fact that I was crazily stabbing at it so that I could finish it quicker).  So, My Mister loving drove me back to JoAnn's (no, I didn't threaten to stab him with my broken needles.  Why? What have you heard?) But, I couldn't go back in there since I was just in there and would be remembered (no- I'm not being vain- I was the only one wearing a cocktail dress and asked a few people where the needle felting items were.  And then the cashier started hitting on me.  Ok....maybe a little vain.)  So, My Mister went inside for me and bought me 2 refills, just in case.  He got the same cashier......who asked him if it was for the girl who was at the wedding.  (SEE!!) My Mister ever so politely told him, "Yes- these are for my wife."

We then went to the reception- I bawled like a baby. Congrats Dee and Dave!!! Love you both!

The next morning, before heading out to the Disney parks, I sewed my handles on (I brought them with me- as well as needle and thread) and then put the magnetic clasp on (I brought my Mister's Leatherman- best tool for the job!!).  I do want to line it so that I can add 2 more clasps on the side for security measures.  However, I proudly used it un-lined all week!  And, I even used it as carry-on for our flight home.  It's very large and very roomy- without it, we wouldn't have been able to make our 50lb. limit on our luggage.  My Mister was forced to admit that my crazy obsessions actually paid off. Ha!

So, without further ado, I present to you, my Dancing Flowers Bag!

Here I am in front of our Disney Resort- using it for the first time.  I'll have to add closeup shots of the needle felted flowers later- I'm still not finished with them, actually.  Teehee.
Here I am at Downtown Disney's Lego store.  Just chillin'. Chatting with my peeps.

And here is My Mister who proves it can also be a Man-Bag. We were at Blizzard Beach all day and it was stuffed with all of our stuff.  Since I was exhausted, he offered to carry it to the car. He only grumbled a little bit about being seen carrying a girlie-bag. I told him that he looked very much like a gentleman carrying the heavy load for his wife.  And then I took this picture.

So, there you have it- FINALLY a (semi) finished object!  As I've mentioned, I do have the flower chart ready and did write out the pattern.  I'm already planning the colors for my second one.  This is going to be a model for my Tunisian Crochet class later this month. WOOT!

Now, to finish the other semi-finished objects waiting for me.....oy vey.

PS: I just joined Twitter!  (Seriously- JUST joined it- like 5 minutes ago.)  I figure I'll be able to post updates a lot quicker on that so that I don't pull a disappearing act when I'm busy. :D  Follow me: @Pomquat.  Ummm...once I figure out how to, I'll add that as a link. ;)


  1. That's so funny that you finished the bag on your vacation. Great job by the way, it's really cute. My problem is I make little crocheted dolls and accessories and my daughter just want to play with or wear them. Oh well, my etsy store will have to wait until she's in kindergarten. LOL

  2. We missed ya! Glad you are back! AWESOME bag!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Steenta! I've yet to tackle the little toys as of yet....not a huge fan of single crochet or of sewing things together, so amigurumi don't (doesn't? what the heck is plural for that word??) seem like the best fit for me ;) It's awesome that your girl likes your stuff, though! Raising a new generation of crocheters. Keep fighting the good fight, soldier. :)

    Thanks, kuddlekubs! It's good to be back! I'm glad you like the bag :) Thinking of doing a video on needle felting the flowers....hmmmm......

  4. Hi Gege,

    Is it me, or did I miss the photos? I'm on the edge of my seat wanting to see your flower bag and there are no photos on your page.


  5. Hi Lauren! I'm so sorry it's taken me forever to reply- No, you haven't missed the pictures. I've had to take some time off (finally updated my blog!) which hopefully explains my absences....
    However, my New Year's resolution has been to be a better blogger....hopefully I'll succeed. :) I'll update (with pictures!) soon!