Monday, October 11, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Ok, so I'm a little late in the game here, but I've been meaning to do this for quite a while. (Same thing goes with my new Twitter account (@Pomquat)- still trying to learn the ropes there, but I digress.) Actually, it really shocked me to see that the fabulous Libby had awarded me with The Versatile Blogger Award back in August (!!). I do want to thank her so much and let y'all know to go visit her blog if you have not already done so. She's very talented and extremely sweet.

So apparently, as a recipient of The Versatile Blogger Award, I'm supposed post 7 things about myself for the whole world to see.  Well, since I post about myself all the time (which takes a lot of time and thought, actually....blogging is hard!), I decided to cull some facts from one of those FB memes I filled out a while back.  Lazy? Yes. But at least I'm honest about it. :P

Anywho, without further ado, here are 7 things you don't know about me (unless you were a FB friend and read these a long time ago).

1. I cannot stand netspeak. All of the misspellings and ridiculous acronyms give me a headache but “LOL” is the bane of my existence. I know people do not LOL as often as they say they do and I can guarantee there are few who have ever really ROFLMAO. srsly, idk y ur 2 dum.

2. In 7th grade PE, I literally ROFLOL so hard and long that I forgot to breathe and passed out.

3. I’m extremely accident prone- don’t know if it’s an inner ear problem or just ADD, but I’m a real klutz. Yet, strangely enough, I’ve never broken any bones. I credit it to all the milk and dairy I consume.

4. When I was a kid, I wanted to go to Hawaii so that I could climb a coconut tree and drop a coconut on my brother’s head. When I finally got to go to Hawaii, my brother was not with me, so I had to improvise and hit another tourist. Haha- kidding. I really did want to drop a coconut on his head, though...watched too many cartoons- darn Wile E. Coyote.

5. I have worn Chuck Taylors my whole life- I even had some dinosaur ones in elementary school and was made fun of for having “boy shoes” I pinched that little girl and she never bothered me again. Violence is always the answer. 

6. My hair and nails grow extremely fast- I think I’m part yeti.

7. I don’t think skunks stink- I don’t know why, but they don’t. Must be the yeti in me.

Now, I'm supposed to pass on the love to 15 other blogs but unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to list 15 other blogs because, well, I'm lazy.  So, here are some blogs of folks I've visited and others that have visited me!

Becky from Beck's Blog.  If you've been on Crochetville or Craftster, you've most likely see some of this lady's amazing work. She's a Tunisian crochet virtuoso, among other things, and you really do need to see her work!

Steenta from CraftySteenta. She actually just left a comment on my previous post so I checked her out.  WOW!  I'm really jealous of people who are true artists in different mediums.  I really wish I could draw!

Howie from WooWork.  Another one you probably have seen from Craftster.  A male crocheter, video maker, comic writer...all around funny and talented guy!

lyteyz from Deep Thoughts Just because she's one of my BFF's and hopefully it'll encourage her to post more often- she's an amazing crocheter which makes me so very proud since she was my very first student.  I wish I could take credit for her crochet awesomeness, but.........ok, I'll take credit. teehee!! Post some of your works, girl!!

Tami from Tami's Ami's...another recent commenter on my blog.  Another awesome crocheter!!  I'm going to have to spend more time here, but I loved her post on Flash your Stash.  Your stash is defintely growing....two plastic bins.....and you've not yet been crocheting a year?  A girl after my own heart. :)

I wish I could send you all to Tracy's blog or Kuddlekubs (although visit her store!) who visit more frequently, but there are no posts there!  (Yes, I'm calling you out Tracy.  :) I hope you're doing well!!)

Ok, that was fun.   Have a great Sunday all!


  1. Hi Gege-
    Welcome back! Sounds like you had a much needed and enjoyable vacation. So glad to see you're doing well. Love the bag! All your items are wonderful!

    What a dedicated husband you have, not so sure mine would have gone into the store for me after going back a second time.

    Thanks for considering me for an award. BUT-I don't have a blog. I'll have to check out the other blogs you awarded.

    Have a good day!

  2. Thanks, Tracy! Yes- very much needed and enjoyable vacation. :) And, yes, my Mister is the best. Thankfully we were just across the street eating lunch and had a while to spare before the reception, so he was cool about it. Especially after I told him that the cashier was hitting on me so I didn't want to go back in....teehee!

    I'm just glad I got to put a face to your name- if you ever decide to blog, let me know!


  3. Let me just say, you made my day. Thank you for that, and now I'm going to check out all the other blogs you posted.

  4. Yayayay! I'm glad it made your day. :D

  5. :D I already thought you were an awesome person, but this post just confirmed it! You rock :D

  6. Awww shucks *kicking ground bashfully*. Thank you, Sunny!