Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ok, I've been telling y'all that I've gone scarf crazy but have yet to prove it with a post, and most importantly pictures, of said scarves. Well, today is your lucky day! I finally have been able to get pictures of all my scarves and can now put them in this one, very picture heavy, post. YAY!

To start off, this is the scarf that started it all. This is mine all mine! But, oh no my friends...this is not simply a scarf. It is a 3-in-1 accessory extraordinaire! It is, of course, a scarf.

black pink scarf

But wait! It's also a headband! Very boho chic, no?

pink black head band

And, last but not least, it is also a belt.

black pink belt

I made this with left over size 3 thread from a Seraphina shawl I made for my sister...of which I need to get a picture.... I've worn it a few times and always get many complements and then the inevitable, "What?!? You made that?" Hee! My sister loves pink and black and wants one of her own, which I'll probably do in the near future.

From there, I made a brown and pink scarf, which I gave to my friend the same day I finished it. This picture doesn't do the colors justice- it's a bright pink, not a salmon color.

Next, I made a scarf with my favorite color- purple.

crochet purple gray scarf

Then, I made this scarf, heavily influenced by my Queen of Hearts bag.

crochet red black & white scarf

Then, another brown and pink one, this time made out of cotton and as a skinny scarf.

crochet brown & pink scarf

Also, a blue and brown skinny scarf:

crochet brown & blue scarf

Then a watermelon colored scarf, though in subdued colors. Made of cotton:

crochet green pink & white scarf

And, last but not least, a scarf heavily influenced by my Hilda bag:

crochet brown, green, blue scarf

So, there you have it. A ton of scarves that I went crazy making. And, in case it's not painfully obvious, I really liked this stitch pattern. Really really. Really.

There is actually one more that I made- a black, red, and silver one made of thread...I have one more row left to complete it but ran out of the black thread, so as soon as I get my butt to a Joanns, I'll finish it.

scarf collection

PS: I really liked that stitch.


  1. Those are so cool, I like the little diamond pattern!

  2. Thanks, Candice. :) I think I'll do a video tutorial on this stitch since I like it so much...we'll see...

  3. Hi Gege, I'm new to reading your blog but these scarfs are too cute!! Were these based on a pattern posted anywhere that you would be willing to share? Thanks, and great work!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Sarah! I've been pretty sick for these last 2 weeks and, though I'm feeling a heckuva lot better, I still sound like I'm underwater and constantly out of breath. However, I am going to shoot a tutorial on these scarves and will hopefully have it up within a week. :)

  5. hello Gege, I love all of your scarfs. Are you sharing the patterns for the above ? Thanks.

  6. Are you sharing the patterns for above, I love to make that...thanks Gege

  7. Hi Gege,

    I found you because my husband sent me the link to your nintendo blanket as a not-so-subtle hint. But I fell in love with your scarves. I'm trying to figure out the stitch on my own...but if you are going to post a tutorial, that would rock! thanks!

  8. Those are really pretty scarves. That looks like the "Catherine's wheel" aka "wooleater" stitch pattern. Is that the one? Just want to make sure.

    Haven't seen anything like them(your scarves) on the net. Congrats!