Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Why, hello there all (any?) of you out there in Blog Land! I know, I know. It’s like, “New number, who dis?” But you can’t fool me- I KNOW IT’S YOU, MOM, SO PICK UP THE PHONE!

Ahem. Like I was saying.


I don’t even know where to begin. We are no longer in England now- moved back to the US this past summer (YAY!), so there’s that.

Little Mister AND SweetPea are both potty trained (YAY!), talking, in school, and have both lost their first teeth. So. There’s that, too.

Oh yeah. I’ve also had a couple surgeries that changed the course of my life forever and have been trying to find answers to questions for chronic illness….sooooo…….

There’s that, too.

A lot of that, actually.

HOWEVER. The Lord has been good to us all along the way. He has blessed us beyond measure with an amazing time in England, a church and friends that really helped us when we needed it, and one of the easiest moves back home that I can remember. (Note: I’ve not consulted My Mister for this post. His recollection of the move may be a LOT different than mine. Just saying.)

I just know that 2019 will be an amazing year filled with more adventures, love, laughter, and FINALLY, answers. I was actually going to start a new blog- a new beginning since so much has happened in the last couple years. However, I was reading some of my past entries and thought that maybe, just maybe, there might be some folks out there who read this silly little piece of the internet and wouldn’t mind a quick update.

So, here I am, y’all. It’s been forever and a day, but I’m here. I may still start a new blog, to be honest. However, I thought I'd at least drop a line here to check in. I hope you all have a wonderful and very blessed 2019!


  1. I was just thinking about you and your blog the other day. I'm glad to see you're alive and doing well. :-D

  2. I'm *so* glad to see you back! I always enjoy reading your posts, and have wondered about you from time to time. And I *still* haven't finished my husband's Zelda blanket that was inspired by your Mario blanket (It was intended for his 30th birthday. He will be 36 this year, and now I'm aiming for his 40th . . . ) Anyway take care, glad to see you are doing well, and please do update us if you start a new blog!

  3. It's funny that I was thinking of you earlier this week! I've actually strayed away from my blog and decided to take it down this year. I'm not out with blogging but it may be time to explore a new path. So glad you enjoyed your stint in England and are back home safely! All the best to you and yours in 2019. ~ Libby

  4. I loved reading your article! Thanks for sharing.