Wednesday, September 1, 2010

News From the Road.....Again......

Well, I'm out of town, yet again.  Although this time, there was a family emergency, so I'm back in the Southwest taking care of family business rather than emptying the Great White North out of all it's woolen wares.  And, as tempting as it is to visit all of the yarn stores I've been able to locate within a 10 mile radius, I'm now officially on a yarn diet, so.......only small purchases now, right honey? Honey?

I'm staying with one of my BFF's from college who also happens to be a crocheter.  The first night here, her husband had taken the kiddos camping, so she and I had the freedom to party hardy and were encouraged to go out dancing, or watch late night movies, or just generally be girls behaving badly.  Man- we totally took advantage of that freedom and partied hardcore!!!  It was intense, I tell you.  That's right- we stayed up til 3am being wild and crazy girls.....crocheting until our eyes couldn't stay open anymore. 

I love my friends. :)

So, with the crocheting I completed on the trip out (I even made a new knitting friend while on layover in Dallas!  Yarn- the universal friend maker), and the intense 3am and 1am crocheting sessions the last two nights, I've finally been able to finish and felt my Coco bag (AKA- the Cat Boobie Bag), and will most likely be able to finish the Flower Bag I told you about last time.  I'm hoping I can line at least one of them while I'm here since I'm staying with my mom the rest of the week and am totally taking advantage of her awesome sewing prowess.  (My mom is a very gifted artisan in many different mediums- she's truly amazing.  Actually, I think I'll teach her to crochet while I'm here- another yarn monster in the making.)

I won't have much internet access while I'm out here (AAAAAGHHHH!!!).  It's already been an intense couple of days so far and I know it's going to be pretty intense the rest of the week, so I asked my Mister to send me a couple more skeins of yarn to work on a second Coco Bag to de-stress when I can.  Thankfully it's already arrived at my mom's house, so I have something to look forward to tomorrow.  (Why are you looking at me like that?  I'm not crazy.  If anything, my Mister is crazy for actually sending them.  Then again, he probably figured it'd be cheaper to send them than letting me loose in a yarn store again looking for them.)

Hopefully I'll have some FO pics for y'all when I get back home.  Also, I'm testing out the Coco Bag pattern, so it should be ready around the same time.  *crossing fingers* 

Ok, that's all the time I have to update today.  Until next time, Zoobaroos.

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