Friday, June 18, 2010

A Balancing Act

Getting Your Life Back In Order 101
Professor: Gege Crochet

Hello Class!  At the end of this class, you will be able to:

* Find peace and balance and an over all Feng Shui for everything you ever dreamed about in your life

To accomplish this totally attainable and realistic goal, you will:

* Work all week at your money making job, taking on extra hours whenever possible to prove you are a dependable and good worker and to make up for hours taken while your family visited in the past couple weeks.

* Be an ever adoring and supportive wife to your husband who worked insanely crazy hours in the past two months and who truly does deserve an awesome home cooked meal most nights of the week, as well as some clean clothes sometime this month.

* Let your creative juices flow and bring to life the many projects that float around in your ADHD brain.

* Find time to exercise and lose those pesky 5 (or so) pounds you gained while not exercising in the last few months and eating desserts you would not normally eat while your in-laws were here to prove to them that you truly are an awesome cook and to make up for the time you smoked up their entire house trying to impress them by making Green Chile Enchiladas and Sopapillas during your first trip to meet them in a scene that would truly rival anything seen in "Meet the Parents."  (True story......*huge inhale*)

* Find time to exercise and lose those pesky 5 (or so) pounds you recently gained before going to the New Hope Film Festival at the end of the month to represent the film you made nearly 2 years ago.

* Find time to pick your jaw off the floor when you find you have been nominated for a Best Actress award for said film in the World Music and Independent Film Festival AND finding that your competition for said award include other "nobodies" like say, oh I don't know.... Dana Delany.  (!!!!)

* Party like it's 1999 when you find out you actually WON an Award of Excellence for Best Actress in a Feature Film at IndieFest. (EEEEP!!)

* Blog regularly like a good blogging blogger

* Sleep a solid 8 hours and always manage to look your best and never have to put your hair in a messy ponytail and do your makeup in the car on your way to work since your life is totally in order and completely full of Feng Shui.

* Understand and define "Feng Shui" and use it whenever possible in every aspect of your life to thoroughly impress blog readers. (I knew you were impressed!)


I hope you enjoy this class this semester!  When you finally are able to keep your life in balance, and are able to Feng Shui the heck out of everything you ever do, please drop me a line!

No, really. Let me know how you did it.  I'll let you audit the class.  And maybe give you some candy.