Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013!

Even though 2012 had some, shall we say, "bumps in the road," I'm happy to report that it actually ended really well. We capped it off by having a great New Year's Eve (not that we were awake at midnight- we’re parents of a toddler now and one of us happens to be 7 months do the math) where my Mister and I got to see The Hobbit. (!!) It was an actual date. Alone. Without Little Mister. WAHOO! And, I’m actually looking forward to what this New Year will bring instead of dreading what unknown curveballs it may send my way.

When last I left you, things were kinda sorta looking up for me in a, “Meh…whatever….eat, sleep, try not to hide when I see people” type of way. It was actually an improvement from the, “OH WOE IS ME! ACK! People! *Hisss* *Snarl*” outlook I had earlier. And now, I am happy to report that I’ve improved even more. I’m now in a, “A New Year- how exciting! Oh look! People! They don’t look too stupid so I think I’ll smile at them! ” outlook. I’ve even been using smileys in my emails and actually wish I had more energy during the day so that I could get things done instead of wasting Little Mister’s naptime by taking a nap myself. (Oh who am I kidding- I love sleeping. YAY FOR NAPS!)

I noticed an upswing in my outlook in November- we took a cruise to New Zealand which I had been looking forward to for a long time. I really really really wanted to tour Hobbiton, truth be told. However, I had been really scared that I wouldn’t be able to walk more than 10 minutes much less the couple hours the tour would require. (Background info: I ran a 10K in June and by the end of August I couldn’t walk more than 10 minutes without feeling like my pubic symphysis was going to split in two. My pelvic girdle/pubic symphysis/sacral joint issues were the cause of my constant pain last pregnancy and a huge reason for my lack of blogging- I was beyond miserable. Since the pain started earlier this time around, I thought I was doomed for 9 months of agonizing pain, which was a major component of my despondent first trimester.)

HOWEVER. Not only was I able to walk around for much longer than I had anticipated, I was able to do it with this cute, sleepy little Hobbit strapped to my chest.

Knock knock, Bilbo!

We were able to tour Hobbiton without feeling like I was steps away from Mount Doom and I left Middle Earth New Zealand with a hope that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Perhaps the rest of my pregnancy wasn’t going to be as miserable as I had anticipated!

My prrreciousssssss
We even got to utilize some of the crochet creations I made earlier in the year.

Bat Hobbit is hungry!

I was and have been in a much better mood ever since. I actually got in the Christmas Spirit and decorated the house instead of being a Grinch like last year. We had a great Christmas- I think I was more excited for Little Mister to open his gifts than I was for my own.

And then… a miracle of miracles happened. Something that hadn’t happened in nearly 6 months. I, Gege from GegeCrochet, actually started crocheting again. *GAAAASP!*

Not only that, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to start this new year with an actual finished object- and even a pattern! I’m putting the finishing touches on it and should have it done today or tomorrow. Let me tell ya- it felt good to let those creative juices flow again. My Mister has been really happy about it, too. He’s been pressuring encouraging me to crochet for a long time now and he really wanted me to finish this particular project ASAP. Granted, he’s also realizing that, while Gege crocheting again = happier wife, it also means a messier, yarn strewn living room again. Even so, I think it’s a tradeoff he’s willing to make. ;)

So, there you have it. A start to a New Year filled with hope in my heart, a smile on my face, and a hook and yarn in my hand.

I wish you all a very Happy 2013!


  1., I am so HAPPY to read this super happy blog and as I read, I realized when we talked last week, even though we ABSOLUTELY covered A LOT, we didn't talk about your trip to NZ...especially covering the Hobbiton parts of that trip or my trip to Jamaica and the ridiculously amazing jerk chicken and beautiful people there...LOL! How is it that we can talk for an hour and not discuss our "happy times"...LOL. I wonder if the "fly on the wall" got depressed listening to us?!?!?!

    Lil Bat Hobbit looks so adorable in his bat-hat! I love that!!! I just want to take a little nibble of him...he's scrumptious!!!

    I CANNOT wait to see what this new years brings for you and especially your creativity!

    Love you my sweet Gege!!!!

  2. I KNOW, RIGHT?!!! Well, hopefully we can make up for it sometime this week- I really want to know about your Jamaica trip! Love you and miss you so much!

  3. Glad you & your little family r well.

  4. I'm glad to hear about a happier you! And belated Happy New Years to you and yours. I've been MIA for a bit. You'll have to email me to get the scoop. :-)

    Love the hat, btw.