Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back to the Future

I'm back from 1997, if only for a little while, because, while it's been fun reminiscing about the past, life goes on in the present. But, don't worry (or, maybe this comes as a warning for some of you), I will be returning to the past very shortly and throughout the rest of the year as various memories and milestones of a relationship started long ago mark their places on the calendar.

Anywho....when not looking back (and sometimes cringing) at printouts of saved emails, I have FINALLY finished up a project started two years ago. It's a freakin' huge monkey off my back and the only thing left is weaving in the ends. The many, many ends. Actually, there would be a lot fewer ends to weave in had I not started, stopped, finished, frogged, started again, finished, frogged, and started over yet again.

Oh yes- I mean to say that I've finally finished Little Mister's Blanket o'Love and I'll be posting about it very soon. It's a really good thing we're not living in the worst heat wave Australia has ever seen or anything because, you know, it'd really suck to be 7 months pregnant and swathed under a large blanket just to get something done that should have been done a long time ago. It's been such a relief that I can keep cozy in my house while the temperature outside has been a balmy 44C (111F) for the past two weeks. (Uggghhhhhhhhhh)

Because of the extreme heat, we basically have been confined indoors where are our poor, overworked A/C is pumping 24/7. I actually am very thankful our A/C is working; unfortunately, I know a few people who's systems have conked out on them because it couldn't keep up with the demands. It be really hot here, yo.

One indoor activity is, of course, crocheting and, for whatever reason, there seems to be a huge interest in it right now in my community. It blew me away, actually. People wanted to set up a crochet group where a bunch of us can get together and let our kids play while those with experience (*ahem*) teach those who are interested in crochet...NOT knitting. (!!)

I honestly don't know if there are going to be knitters attending, but it truly has been set up as a crochet group- how awesome is that?!

Actually, I think it could only be attributed to the heat affecting her brain or something because I've been trying to lure her for over a year, but this afternoon I actually taught Miss A how to crochet. (!!) She came prepared with her own brand new hooks and yarn and everything! And, I'm of course attributing this to the fact that I am an amazingly awesome teacher and not at all to her innate abilities or talents, but I'd have to say she has caught on quicker than any student I've had before. You really should have seen her starting chain- it was the stuff that books and poems are written about. (In all seriousness, I have never seen a beginner have such even starting chains, and this most certainly includes moi, the Crochet Queen of the World.)*

So, even though all my acrylic stash would probably melt if I decided to crochet outside with it, this heatwave has definitely had some benefits and I'm really looking forward to the new Crochet/Playgroup we'll be starting next week. (Or the week after...I have no clue what day it is.) Another new friend (who has been a crocheter for a while) will be coming over tomorrow so we can sweat it out under our woolen wares together.

Ok- it's time for bed. I hope you're able to stay cool tonight if you're in Oz, or warm today if you're in the States (or anywhere else in the northern hemisphere). I'll see you when I go Back to the Future!! Err...past....though not 1985 because I don't have a DeLorean. 

* Now you'll have to stick with it, Miss A. I bragged about you to the whole wouldn't want to let down the world now, would you? Now you'll have to crochet with me! Muaha. Muahahaha. MUAHAHAHAHA!


  1. go back to your story... i'm waiting for the happy ending.

  2. Ha! Your wish is my command. ;) Luckily, there's still no ending to the story yet, though there will be lots of happy (and some not so happy) things to reminisce about throughout the year, so keep checking in! :)`